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What Nurses are Saying....

"I love this product and so does my staff! It has all those things that every nurse has ever wished for- the foley bag hook, the ability to hold an oxygen tank, it pushes easily, the IV lines don't tangle! You even thought of some things I hadn't- the cable that attaches the pole to a wheelchair or bed! No more trying to push a bed with one hand while dragging the pole with the other! I took it on a little show and tell tour of the hospital. The other units, especially CCU, loved it so much they tried to steal it. -- Tania Dawson, MaineGeneral Medical Center, Nurse Manager, Oncology and Infusion Clinics 

"Safepoles have offered safety, versatility and convenience in one pole... makes this pole fantastic to use. Patients also like the way the poles move and the weighted/covered bottom prevents the pole from tipping and from toe injuries. The patient and staff satisfaction with this product has really increased since we started using them." -- Sherri Kappe BSN, PHN, St. Peter's Hospital, Helena, Montana, Director of Medical and Oncology Services

"We recently brought Safepoles into our patient care areas. The positive response from our patients and staff was overwhelming. The patients find them easy to maneuver when they are walking. I have had comments from patients such as 'It is liking driving a Cadillac', 'It is nice to have an IV pole that does not tip over', 'I love the color and how easy it is to get in and out of the elevator with it'. The staff have told me that the poles are so versatile they didn't know how they got along without them. The physicians are also very impressed with the efficiency of the Safepole. We have added more Safepoles into our next fiscal year planning." - Yvonne Kirk BSN, PhD, St. Peter's Hospital, VP Patient Care/CNO 

"We are so pleased with how much easier it is to transfer patients as the pole moves smoothly over uneven surfaces such as doorways and elevators. It is so handy to have an oxygen tank in a holder, which is now a JACHO requirement for safety. It is very stable to handle and push around with many types of pumps attached. It has enough room for Chest Tube drainage containers and Foley catheter drainage bags. This is an awesome piece of equipment and our whole unit is impressed with its performance and we are usually very hard to impress!!! Yeah Safepole!" - Maryte Anilionis RN, BSN, OCN, Boulder Community Hospital, Cancer Care Unit 

"Your Safepole is a wonderful product, well thought out and very functional." - Ted Brewer, BSN, RN, Florida Hospital for Children, Orlando, Peds HEM/ONC

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