The Story Behind Safepole

When Cari Ugent was hospitalized for a cell-stem transplant for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, she quickly became fed up with dragging around the standard I.V. pole. Antiquated, tipping and tripping her, the I.V. pole made it challenging, if not impossible, to do even the most basic functions.


So, Cari decided to do something. She began interviewing her nurses and doctors, The response was overwhelming: they described harrowing scenes of tipped I.V. poles, transportation nightmares, and serious accidents when patients and staff tripped over the pole's protruding "spider legs." 

After Cari's recovery, she teamed up with award-winning industrial designers and engineers. But she continued, every step of the way, to involve her nurses, doctors and the hospital staff who handle, transport, and clean the I.V. poles, bringing in rounds of drawings then prototypes for feedback and critique. 


Safepole is a true labor of love. 

Manufactured in the USA, Safepole LLC is a woman-owned, small business based in Chicago. 

Donate a Safepole

Our mission is to give back: to patients, nurses, doctors, and to charity. Please contact us to learn about making a tax-deductible donation of a Safepole to:

                  Your preferred hospital and/or hospital unit, such as a cancer center or stem-cell transplant wing. Donated Safepoles can be customized with a plaque including your name, a doctor or nurse you'd like to honor, lines of poem, etc.


                  A pediatric patient in need for continuous home infusions. We work in conjunction with pediatric charities to help families around the country who need reliable medical equipment for home use.