Eight hooks allow I.V. bags to face the same direction at staggered heights

Dual stainless poles hold twice as many infusion pumps

Adjustable, seamless handlebar with built-in utility basket

"Bumper" won't scratch or dent furniture or walls

Covered dome eliminates tripping and prevents tubes from entangling in wheels

Hook easily attaches to wheelchair or gurney for safer patient transport

Telescoping, stainless steel poles adjust with a single knob

Router to organize I.V. tubing

Oxygen tank holder with silicone strap

Six 3-inch, non-latex, non-marking, industrial-grade casters

Self-coiling cord plugs into outlet or stows in base (UL hospital-grade)

Hooks for Foley and Pleuravac

Six or four-gang power strip (UL 1363A)

*In-stock color is light blue

*Custom colors available for 100+ units

*Made in the USA

*Ships from Chicago

*Woman-Owned, Small Business

Safepole is protected by U.S. and international utility and design patents